Harry Caray Soundbites

Harry Caray was one of the greatest announcers of all time. Some of the things that Harry Caray would say, would make you laugh all day. Sure Harry was drunk on Budweiswer most of the time (what Cub fan isn’t). He had his own way of making watching the miserable Cubs games on WGN fun.

Everyone knows all the laughs Will Farrell supplied us with in his Harry Caray impressions on Saturday Night Live. This Harry Caray Soundbite page is meant as a tribute to the late great Cub Fan and Bud Man. Crack an ice cold Bud, laugh and have fun listening to CactusCubbies version of some Haray Caray classics along with some original Harry Caray soundbites.

Please email us at cactuscubbies@nullwrigleywest.com with any saying you would like to be turned into a Harry Caray soundbite as well.

Hilarious Harry Caray Soundbites

Classic Harry Caray Soundbites