Cubs This Year/Next Year Signs

This Year/Next Year signs from are the perfect gift for any Cubs fan! As fellow Cubs fans can attest, towards the end of each summer (or much ealier some seasons) we are generally looking forward to Next Year. Now with your This Year/Next Year sign, you and your friends get to decide when This Year has turned into to Next Year.r Any Cubs Fan! Click “Buy Now” to Order Today!

Dimensions: 5 1/2″ x 24″
Chicago Cubs Next Year This Year Signs
Only $24.95

Your two-sided distressed wood This Year/Next Year sign is 5.5 inches x 24 inches. Handcrafted by a Die Hard woodworking Cubs fan, This Year/Next Year signs are the perfect Chrismas gift idea, Mother’s Day gift idea, Father’s Day gift idea and birthday gift idea.

Hang it on you the wall in your office or outside on your fence! Whether it be early September or these past few years at the end of Spring Training, you get to decide when to throw in the towel on the season and flip your This Year/Next year sign!

Spring Training always brings hope that our beloved Cubbies can finally win the World Series. Here’s to hoping that soon Next Year will be This Year! Go Cubs Go!