Chicago Cubs Someday We’ll Go All The Way

This “Someday We’ll Go All The Way” video was a compilation of pictures of CactusCubbies experience from the front row of the bleachers for the Cubs 2008 NL Central Championship clinching game. The Chicago Cubs hosted the St Louis Cardinals on Saturday, Sept 20th, 2008. Going into the game, the Cubs needed a victory or a Milwaukee Brewers loss in order to clinch the 2008 NL Central Championship. As you will see in this video, both happened!

After the victory, the bleachers were crazy! Beer flew everywhere and I must have high fived 1000 plus fellow Cubbie fans. The players rounded the field spraying champaign. Being in the front row, I personally got a little bubbly on me and had the opportunity to even reach down and grab a piece of Ivy for a keepsake.

CactusCubbies would like to share this experience with you, in hopes that someday our dreams come true and NEXT YEAR TURNS INTO THIS YEAR! A special thanks goes out to Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam for writing and performing this heart felt, die hard Cubbie song “Someday We’ll Go All The Way”

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